“Foodsharing:productive surpluses to those in need” diamogli una mano… “Foodsharing:productive surpluses to those in need” this project needs a chance

Buon Primo Maggio a chi ha lo spirito per festeggiarlo e a chi deciso di non farlo… La mia cucina oggi riposa, però visto che il mioanimo è sempre alla ricerca di nuovi mulini a vento, oggi vi lascio semplicemente un link che è questo:


e vi chiedo un momento del vostro tempo, per leggere questo progetto e se volete votarlo per dargli una chance di realizzazione.

Si tratta di foodsharing, un modo per smettere di buttar cibo e cominciare ad aiutare chi ne ha bisogno.


Happy Labor Day to those who have the spirit to celebrate it and those who decided not to do it … My kitchen today rests. However, because my mind is always looking for new windmills, today I leave you a link as follows:


and I ask you for a moment of your time to read this project and if you agree with it, as I did, to vote for it to give a chance of realization.

It is foodsharing, a well known concept for some of you, a way to stop throwing food away and begin to help those who need it.




  1. Such a great idea! I’ve volunteered at a food pantry and saw how much of the food there was donated from groceries, bakeries, and the like. The more businesses that know there are alternatives to throwing away the food, the more people will be fed.

    • I completely agree. Unluckily, here in Italy there’s a weird law (I think we have a bunch of which is not better to talk about 🙂 ) that oblige groceries, bakeries, pizzerias and restaurants to throw their amount of food not sold, at the end of the day. They can’t gift anything if they want to keep their fiscal books perfect, so it’s time to find a solution and help people who need to be fed… fingers crossed!!!


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