L’arrivo del caldo e la tentazione delle rosette… Summer is definetely here, but let’s bake some Rosette bread…


Giro per casa scalza, riesco a malapena ad indossare canotta e pantaloncini (ebbene sì la forza di gravità ancora non è così tremenda), mentre estirpo ortiche e trifogli che generosamente hanno deciso di intromettersi tra le piante ufficiale della terrazza, però ancora non riesco a staccarmi dal forno, come se ci fosse un richiamo difficile da non ascoltare. La faccio breve, caldo a parte, ho provato la ricetta delle rosette soffiate che ho trovato qui, e mi sono concessa un esperimento che, non è stato proprio malaccio. Devo lavorare ancora un pochino sulla lievitazione della seconda fase della ricetta, ma se per il prossimo autunno volete una sfida per il vostro lievito madre, credo che questa ricetta faccio al caso vostro.

Ora mi godrò un panino mozzarella, pomodoro e basilico e poi continuerò la mia caccia alle erbacce… alla prossima!


I’m walking around the house barefoot, I can barely wearing a fluo tank top and a kind of shorts (yes even at my age, the gravity is not so terrible), while uprooting nettles and clovers who generously decided to intrude between the official plants of my terrace, but I still can not detach from the oven, as if there was a recall difficult not to listen, a magic spell between me and my baking addiction. Alright I will be short, warm aside, I tried the recipe of this Italian bread called Rosetta (little rose), one of my fave since childhood, I found here the recipe, and considered it was my first experiment and that the difficulty range is pretty high, the result was not just bad. I have to work a little bit more on the second phase of the leavening, but if you want a challenge for the coming fall for your sourdough starter, I think this recipe it’s perfect.

Now I’m going to enjoy a fresh baked Rosetta with mozzarella, tomato and basil and then continue my hunt for weeds … have a lovely day!



  1. Un panino mozzarella, pomodoro e basilico … to die for! I would give anything for a slice of mozzarella from your Region! Thank goodness I won’t have to wait much longer. I will be leaving for Italy at the end of the month and I simply can’t wait!!! 🙂
    You brought back lots of memories. My mother used to buy rosette every day. They are very popular in Rome. Your looks fantastic!!!

    • 🙂 End of the month is pretty near, so I imagine you’re just drawing a list of all the things you will taste again once you’ll be back!!! Sounds great, and of course if you’re passing near the Vesuvio, please let me know and I will wait for you with a fresh mozzarella instead of the usual cup of coffee (and if not this time, maybe the next one…) Not sure my Rosette are the same we both remember from childhood, but apparently you got perfectly the idea that pushed me in baking them with this hot weather… memories are so important!!! Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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